Artist Statement



Tracey Belt has been living in the Southwest region of the United States since 1986, and is currently based out of Durango, Colorado, living on the flanks of what is now called Animas Mountain. She has been creating art works of metal, glass, and stone since 1994.

Many years of experience are now evident in the imaginative pieces of Tracey Belt Designs. A master of color and composition, Tracey's strongest influence is the natural world.

Her creations are a response to the callings of the living beings that surround her. Whether it is the Chickadee, the Prickly Pear Cactus, the Ponderosa, or the Brown Bear that inspires a design, Tracey listens to their natural language and creates a colorful response out of silver, gold, enamel, glass beads, and stone. 

Her reverence of Nature and all cultures past and present are what make her jewelry unique, powerful and a pleasure to wear.

What art is to me....

We, as humans, live on this vivacious planet that so generously and continuously feeds us. We can cultivate the land, and plant the seed, and water the plants, but we don't "make life". We can, however, make Beauty, which is life giving, life feeding, and life enhancing.. Art is this beauty, this nutritious and delicious food that feeds life. By using our hands to create art, we give back to those ones who give us life.